About Us

At MK Law Office we do recognize that successful law offices are made up of expert lawyers, but our clients not only benefit from the expertise of our individual attorneys, but from the collective intelligence provided by the use of e-databases and the results of team and crowd – working methods.

Our office and our networking partners specialize in corporate, commercial and civil law. We strive to meet our clients’ needs by combining collective work, extensive use of information technology, our knowledge of domestic and european law, business trends, together with a thorough understanding of our clients business objectives in order to deliver creative, cost-effective and responsive services.

We offer legal services in Greek, English, German and French as our lawyers hold master degrees from well known European Universities being a truly multilingual law office in the heart of Crete.

To achieve our mission we consider as prerequisites:

  • high level of expertise
  • effective use of technology and e-databases
  • teamworking and crowdworking within our Network
  • experience gained from the every day practice of counseling and litigating before the greek courts
  • a fair, transparent and preaggreed pricing of our services

Our business objectives

  • Greatest possible efficiency
  • High emphasis on optimising the client's time and cost factors
  • Precise analysis of the problem taking all risk areas into account
  • Remembering to take account of non legal issues when handling the legal case
  • Inclusion of creative and goal orientated solutions

Fees and disbursements

A Law firm should be rewarded for helping its clients to solve their problems efficiently and timely and discouraged from wasting more time than necessary for the same result. The traditional hourly billing method is not compatible with these incentives 

Following the above principle, we follow alternative pricing models, notably flat fees and success fees and as a result our clients are always informed about the costs of our services, without fear of budget spikes. Our attorneys are liberated from the pressures of billing quotas, encouraging efficiency and accurate cost tracking. Without this stress, our lawyers can focus all talent and energy toward producing quality work.

Our transparent billing policy aligns our legal expertise with client business objectives. With no surprises, with no compromises.